justjenifer-fanclub.comHow much you know about a responsible online casino player. The concept of responsible player does exist in the world of Gambling, especially in online casinos. It is important, we think, that you are aware that this is not a place where everything is allowed and on the other hand, it is also necessary to protect you because unfortunately, there is a tiny part of casinotiers of the net which does are not quite honest. Visit this link for

Protect yourself even as a player

You go to an online casino to play your money. It is, therefore, necessary to be certain that the online casino you are playing on is honest. Most of them are reassured. But it is better to make sure and for that, nothing simpler, there are two things to check:

As a first step, always check that the online casino is licensed, that is to say, that it owns a valid game license issued by a reputable authority. We have an article dealing with this subject, we strongly advise you to get closer to it.

And then in a second time, you can also opt for a casino that is labeled. In the same way that the casino obtains a license, it can get started in obtaining a quality label to reassure users about the quality of the services it offers.

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Respect the rules of the casino that you frequent

Then, when you are registered on an online casino, it is up to you to respect the latter by applying simple enough things in itself. But beware, the non-respect of these rules is often penalizing. Let’s take a few examples:


It is at the level of the payments also that the rules are strict, you must only bring you a credit card or a Neteller account in your own name and not that of a friend or relative. Taking the identity of another person for the casino account or for the means of payment is strictly prohibited.

Do not open multiple player accounts to qualify for bonuses because it is also something that is not allowed: a home = a player account.

Our last advice is of course not to use techniques for certain games that would be prohibited by the casino itself. We always take the most telling example of the martingale roulette.

All these warnings, we allow ourselves to give them to you because they are always registered in the conditions of use of the casinos.

The eviction of online casinos, a reality

There is a large number of players who are excluded from an online casino. If you did not know it yet, know that online casinos are pretty strict with these rules because they too are forced to protect themselves. Sometimes, some players are surprised to see their account shut down. After a small observation, we learn that they have not respected some of these conditions. It is therefore perfectly normal.

This is not a legend, if you do not follow scrupulously the instructions for use of the casino, you are likely to be evicted from the casino and if you have winnings in progress, they will not be paid.