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justjenifer-fanclub.comIs the online poker a macho game?. More and more to play and participate in tournaments, women have managed to make a small place in the universe, still predominantly male poker. Do they succeed despite everything, to win in an environment known for its macho side? Visit us for Poker terpercaya.

The history of poker: men gathered in saloons

In 2009, “Poker Player Research” (PPR) published a study in which the organization explained that the woman was the future of poker. Despite this fact, men sometimes have trouble accepting women as players, and it is not uncommon to hear more or less dubious jokes at tables or even macho. Visit if you thinking about Poker terpercaya.

poker terpercaya

This behavior can be linked to the history of poker: the men gathered around the game tables saloons were surrounded by young and pretty women waddling on the cancan. Today, if the saloon only exists in good old westerns, it seems that women are changing from the status of pots to that of players. In 2011, they were particularly brilliant in a competition!

Women become formidable in this game

A quarter of the players would actually be players and this figure is increasing with the years. Often mocked on online gaming sites, where they would rather play the “feeling” and not enough tactics, women are sometimes victims of the mockery of their macho male counterparts. But by evolving with them, women would have become formidable opponents, even downright ruthless. Maintaining often healthier relationships with money, they tend to filter less than their male counterparts, to be more disciplined in bankroll management and more patient in accomplishing their goal. This behavior can confuse the opponent who is opposite and who cannot adapt to a psychology different from his own. Men are prouder as a rule, they are more easily catch up with their emotions.

A less macho poker world than before

Gently but surely, girls dig their way into a world of less macho poker than before, and as a rule, they are very well received and appreciated around tables. Less feared, there is often less distrust of them. So they take advantage of this situation to make their mark. And if macho jokes there are, they are more often provocative than disrespectful.

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